Projecting Retail CASH FLOW

Another eLearning Kit (course + calculator) only from The ROI

The Projecting Retail Cash Flow eLearning Kit shows how to use the basic financial levers in retailing.

Use it to find more CASH in your retail operation!

This eLearning Kit shows how fluctuations on the P&L (changes in sales, margins, expenses) and Inventory Turns combine to affect Cash Flow.  

Some call it "connecting the dots." We call it, "Now, everyone WILL 'get it'!"

Users of this Cash Flow Kit WILL have fun!
Meet Helen and Irving Surviving, owners of the I. M. Surviving(?!) Company. Follow their progress through the course, as they deal with the issue: "Am I running this business, or is it running me?"

This short course includes:

  • explanatory how-to content;
  • example case studies;
  • The ROI's 3-in-1 INTEGRATED Cash Flow Calculator available for your continuing use (no additional charge!);
  • and yes, even a final quiz.

Built by retailers, for retailers (and would-be retailers), the focus is projecting and decision-making...integrated! 

See, in advance, "How much profit?" "How much inventory?" "How much cash?"

Projecting & Controlling CASH FLOW shows:

  • how profits (or losses), inventory levels, and cash flow are integrated in a retail business;
  • the major variables affecting retail cash flow;
  • the basic 3-part formula for cash flow;
  • where the numbers (inputs) for the Cash Flow formula come from in a retail operation:
  • how to use the Retailer's 3-in-1 INTEGRATED Calculator to readily produce and update a fully-integrated retail Cash Flow projection (based on the sales, margins, expenses and inventory turns you have targeted.)

Cause-Effect Calculator for Real-Time Decisions

The Projecting Retail Cash Flow Kit includes the one-of-a-kind 3-in-1 INTEGRATED Cash Flow Calculator to further illustrate (and then automate) the cause-effect process. No additional charge!

It automatically connects - "integrates" - your projected P&L and your Inventory Buying Plan ("Open-to-Buy") into the resulting Cash Flow plan. 
Make a change to your P&L, or change Turns - and immediately see the impact on Cash Flow!
This remarkable calculator is online, in the cloud. Nothing to download or install. All the formulas are built in. It just works! 


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