Projecting Retail Cash Flow

The Projecting Retail Cash Flow Kit shows how to use the basic financial levers in retailing. 

It shows how fluctuations on the P&L (changes in sales, margins, expenses) and changes in inventory turns combine to affect cash flow. Some call it "connecting the dots". We call it, "Now, everyone will 'get it'!"

What you will learn:

  • How profits (or losses), inventory levels, and cash flow are integrated in a retail business
  • The major variables affecting retail cash flow
  • The basic 3-part formula for cash flow
  • Where the numbers (inputs) for the cash flow formula come from in a retail operation
  • How to use the Retailer's 3-in-1 INTEGRATED Cash Flow Calculator to readily produce and update a fully-integrated retail cash flow projection (based on the sales, margins, expenses and inventory turns you have targeted.)

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