Why an "OWNERS Center?"


The most overlooked and under-performed job in retailing today is the job of being the Owner.

---The ROI Co-Founders

Few recognize – or appreciate – that being the owner is its own job, separate and distinct from any other job in retailing. 

The ROI believes that failures in retail are traceable not to weak management, nor to weak CEOs. Instead, most retail failures can be traced directly to Owners failing to do their "Owner's Job."

But, is it any wonder? Where would anybody get any training on "how to be a good Owner?"

After all, there are seminars and workshops for learning to be a good store manager, or buyer.

Presidents and CEOs can earn college degrees in business, or management. Maybe even an MBA.

But training on being the Owner? Good luck finding that!

That is exactly why The Retail Owners Institute, already the foremost self-help resource on the basics of retail finance and inventory control, has a special portion of its site dedicated to the Owners Center.

Seven specialized Owner Resource Collections are a major feature of the OWNERS CENTER. 

Available on-demand, whenever Owners want practical, relevant do-it-yourself approaches for dealing with particular issues.

Packed with tips, tactics and insights, each one of these seven specialized areas is dedicated to the key OWNER responsibility: 

"Doing a better job at doing the Owner's Job!" 


Each section provides on-demand, in-depth access to proven tools and strategic approaches that Owners can use on their own.  

Just add your own good judgment!

The HUB is the most-used feature of the Owners Center. Owners tap into it at least once a month. Sometimes every week.

True, "what happens at the HUB stays at the HUB!"  But here's an overview of the kinds of things available there.

Monthly Owners Checklist

When The ROI first developed their classic "Three Levels of Responsibilities in Retailing" and called out the Owners Job as separate and distinct, they addressed the seeming dilemma of a business where the Owner is also the President – and some days even the Manager. 

Just because someone has to wear multiple hats in the business, they still must separate their responsibilities. 

To that end, The ROI encouraged Owners to focus on their "Manager" responsibilities daily (of course), their "President" responsibilities at least once a week, and their Owner responsibilities at least once a month.

So, in the HUB for Owners, The ROI Co-Founders provide a Monthly Owners Checklist. 

This prompts the Owners to update their Owners Dashboards, to see how they are performing vis-a-vis their goals.

Each month, the HUB will focus on a Top Topic of the Month, a timely strategic issue.  

There are other tools and resources in The HUB. And these, too, change each month. 

Some months there might be an Owner's Survey, or poll. 

Special short videos, even some podcasts. 

And more. Always focused on helping Owners grow.

Plus, everyone with HUB access is eligible to sign up for complimentary, confidential Q&A Sessions with The Co-Founders. Telephone or web conference; 45-minute sessions; free to those with Owners Access. 

Just schedule your meeting time. Then bring your questions! 

Want to know more about taking better advantage of one of The ROI's projecting calculators?

Need more perspective (beyond the "average performer") on your store's Key Ratios? 

Want a sounding board – and an objective perspective – about a vexing issue you're confronting?

Want a "what if...?" session with The Co-Founders, comparing and contrasting your options (and using your numbers in the 3-in-1 INTEGRATED Calculator?)



How can I get into the Owners Center?

You just have to get Owner Access Privileges. The entirety of The Owners Center is then open to you.

Access to the Monthly Owners Meeting. 

Access to The HUB. 

Access to Q&A sessions with The Co-Founders.

And on-demand access to all seven sections of specialized Owner Resources.

First, be sure it's a good fit for you. And that's pretty simple:

Are you an owner (or senior manager/decision maker) of a retail business, whether storefront only, online-only, or combination ("omni-channel")? 

When you register, please use an email address associated with that actual business (rather than a personal account, like gmail, yahoo, etc.) 

Even better is that you can point to an online presence for the business, such as your website. 

Don't worry. This data will NOT be shared with advertisers, vendors, lenders, or other organizations that covet independent retailers as prospective customers.

Why these questions? 

Because we really are focused on Owners and serving their Owner Issues. The more we know about where you're coming from, the better able we will be to quickly expand the right parts of the Owners Center.