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P&L Inputs



MONTHS - Start with any month of a 12 month period. 

Select your Start month from the drop-down menu. It will be displayed on all screens.


Estimated SALES - Enter @Retail, without sales tax. 

Round all entries to the thousands. Examples: $42,385.22 becomes 42.4;  $5,787.92 becomes 5.8;  $385.33 becomes 0.4


GROSS MARGIN % - Enter estimated Gross Margin (Gross Profit) percent for each month of the 12 month period. 

Enter maintained margin, after markdowns. Can be up to one decimal place (tenths of percent).
Examples: Enter 44, becomes 44.0%;  enter 38.5, becomes 38.5%


EXPENSES - The Calculator needs just one entry for each expense "bucket".

Variable expenses are entered as a percent of sales. Use whole numbers to one decimal place
Examples: Enter 12.5, becomes 12.5%; enter 10, becomes 10%

Fixed expenses are a flat $ amount for each month. (Take totals for the year and divide by 12 to get an estimate of yours.) Round all $ entries to nearest thousand.
Examples:  $8,673 becomes 8.7; $12,229 becomes 12.2

(See details in About "Expense Buckets" link.)


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