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"Is My Store Failing...or, Am I Failing My Store?!?"


The Retail Owners Institute® has published this 8-page eBook that you may download for free. It's packed with usable management tools for your store.

Learn the warning signs of the "Three Stages of Decline" in a retail business. Is your store at risk?

Focus on the 5 key management areas to restore strength - now! - in your retail business.  Choose from 24 specific actions you can use today.

Review "Why do turns matter anyway?" (Especially in these economic times!)

And, see how you can "Clone YOUR Best Customers". Base your growth on your most profitable customers.


ROI Members: Login to download this eBook for free

"Focus my store on GMROI?"

"Nah, I'd rather embrace mediocrity!"

In the opinion of The ROI, GMROI is the #1 measure of inventory productivity. 

The ROI's GMROI Guide is a colorful, 8-page booklet that you can download for free.

A great resource for the retailer who is new to GMROI, this Guide also rewards those who are ready to take GMROI to a whole new level!

Introduces this powerful "earn & turn" concept.

Teaches how managing with GMROI affects both profits and cash.

Features The ROI's online GMROI Calculator. (Once you know how to do the calculation with a pencil, let the computer do it for you!)

Poses "The ROI Challenge": Are you ready to use GMROI by customer category?!

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