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Failure; It's Just Sickening

Maybe you are aware of this. We sure are!

Way too many retailers are just fumbling along, paying everybody else but not themselves.

Worse yet, way too many retailers are failing, going bankrupt, even in these "good" times for the economy. 

And when a retail business fails, it affects a host of people and entities. Not only do employees lose their jobs, and landlords lose a tenant, and suppliers lose a customer, and a community loses a retailer...the owner(s) oftentimes lose their house, car, savings, everything. 

Failure is sickening.

Why do businesses fail?! 

They fail financially. They run out of cash.

How did that happen? 

They didn't see their alternatives, their options, in advance.

They didn't know that every retailer, not just "the Big Guys," can easily do "What if...?" projections. All on their own, without having to ask their bookkeeper, or accountant, or anyone else.

Funny, but those that do those kinds of projections don't fail! 

Instead, they see where changes are needed. 

Then they compare the financial outcomes of different adjustments, and decide what changes to make. 

Ahh, what a concept! All based on the fact that if you can see the brick wall ahead, you probably won't drive into it.  

Granted, doing financial projections will not save every business. But seeing the brick wall ahead, when you still have time to adjust, does have its advantages!

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