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Find the Reasons to Celebrate

As we get ready for the New Year, and the post-Holiday season slowdown settles in, here's a positive way for retailers to re-energize and re-focus their entire organization, whether one store or even a hundred. 

We learned this from one of our clients with nearly 50 stores widely scattered over 6 states. Each day, without fail, they would take time for what they called the "Corporate Cheer." 

You will see how it can be a fun addition to any retail business, no matter the size.

Here's how it works:

  • Each day at 2 pm the entire corporate staff, plus any visitors, left their desks and offices, and gathered in a conference room with a speaker phone.
  • Based on the sales performance from the day before, two stores had been selected to receive a call. 
    • One call was to the store that had exceeded its daily sales goal the most. 
    • The other call was to the store that had "beaten last year" the most.
  • After being assured that all of that store's employees were gathered around a phone, the corporate staff would enthusiastically clap, cheer, and whistle their appreciation. Hip! Hip! Hooray!!

Earning the brief but powerful Corporate Cheer was a very big deal for the staff in those stores. (We saw it first hand when visiting a store that was on the receiving end.) Recognition and appreciation matter a lot!

Just as important, it was a wonderful daily reminder for the corporate staff that it was the front-line people whose dedicated work was paying their salaries.

  • Do you need to have 50 stores and a corporate headquarters to make this happen? Of course not!
  • Do you have to do it daily? No, not necessarily. Just be certain to do it consistently going forward. Keep it up!
  • Do you have to focus on sales numbers? Nope. Mix it up to recognize other goals and incentives. Find what you want to celebrate. 

No matter how many stores you have, acknowledging and celebrating those "small successes" is the key.

Especially after two years and counting of the pandemic, this can help inject new enthusiasm and optimism in your organization. It's an easy (and free) way to start making 2022 into the year you want it to be.

Hip! Hip! Hooray!! Remember to celebrate!


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