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Retail inventory management


There is a cause-effect connection between sales, gross margins, and inventory turns. 

Effectively managing that balancing act is part of the art of retailing.

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How to Do Retail Inventory Buying (Open-to-Buy) Plans

Sound merchandise management is crucial for the survival and prosperity of your retail business. 

It’s not just another “paper exercise”—it can mean the difference between strong, positive cash flow or a constant battle to pay your bills. 

It can keep your operation profitable even in times of less-than-robust sales.

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Inventory Turnover Rate: "Cruise Control" for Your Inventory Levels

If your store is like many other independent retailers, it’s probably overstocked much of the time. 

This excess inventory is like excess fat: 

  1. It looks bad
  2. Consumes energy the inventory “muscle” needs
  3. Threatens the financial health of your business.

If you’d like to time your inventory flow so you always have fresh merchandise and a healthy turnover rate, consider this shape-up plan. 

It will help trim away excess inventory without cutting into the muscle of your stock.

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The High Costs of Excess Inventory

As a retail owner, one of your primary goals is to boost profit margins—right? 

You know that good inventory management is essential to producing top-notch profits. 

You also know that bad inventory management can cause big problems with profit. 

However, you may not know the actual cause-and-effect of bad inventory management. 

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How to Cut Inventiory – Fast!

Is excess inventory threatening your store's survival? 

Here are 10 tips to turn your inventory into cash – quickly!


Sometimes retailing doesn’t quite turn out as you had planned. 

Did last year fail to live up to what you predicted—and budgeted for? 

Did you overestimate the popularity of your generous order of a particular product?  

Are there areas of your inventory brimming with overstock? 

Relax! There is a way out of this mess!

If you find yourself long on inventory and short on profits—whether from overbuying, expanding lines too quickly, or overestimating sales, don’t panic. 

You still can whip your inventory back into shape before it devours your profits.

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GMROI: The #1 Measure of Inventory Productivity

One of the best tools for measuring and managing the productivity of your inventory investment is GMROI - Gross Margin Return on Inventory Investment. 

It's fast and easy to calculate. 

It is dynamic (some call it the "earn 'n turn" measure.)

Best of all, it provides powerful insights specifically for retailers.

That's why The ROI calls GMROI "the #1 measure of inventory productivity."

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What's your inventory's SALES Potential?
Index of sales potentialGiven your annual sales plan, do you have enough inventory? 

Or...too much?

Most retailers know their average inventory over the year. But the question is this: What are the likely sales from that much inventory? 

Here's how to find out. Use our Index of Sales Potential calculator. See what sales volume other retailers achieve.   Find out now 

Power Tools for Inventory Management

Online Calculators for Retail Decision-Makers

Multi-Department Open-to-Buy Planner

By month. By department. By you! Get multi-department buying plans for minutes. more

SPEEDY Buying Plan Forecaster

SPEEDY online inventory buying plans – auto-magically!  more 

GMROI Calculator

Project and compare your inventory productivity...before you place the order!  more


"Samplers" from Topical Tuesdays Webinars | Inventory Management

Clips from popular TOPICAL TUESDAYS Webinars from the Co-Founders

Markdowns - Timing Is EVERYTHING!

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Which department is best? Really?

November 28, 2020
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Are we OVERBOUGHT in any departments?

November 28, 2020
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WHYs and HOWs of Inventory Control | Lively Webinars

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 Retail Cash Flow Management Seminar Basics of Open-to-Buy Seminar   GMROI Seminar Managing Retail Markdowns Seminar
Multi-Department Open-to-Buy Planning Seminar

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"Okay, this sounds great. Except it's tedious, and time-consuming, isn't it?"

Alas, there is some truth to that. Which is exactly why The ROI has built our online Open-to-Buy "calculators." They do the tedious number-crunching for you! 

Having those Big Picture parameters – how much merchandise to bring in, and when – means you can focus on those things that demand your good judgment: what specifically to buy, from which vendor, at what terms. 

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