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Projecting Calculators


RETAILER'S 3-IN-1 INTEGRATED Cash Flow Calculator

This online "Retailer's Best Friend" enables any retailer, anywhere, to quickly generate a profit plan (budget) for the year, plus an Open-to-Buy plan, plus the resulting cash flow projections! All integrated! And all from the same few inputs.


SPEEDY Cash Forecaster

See your cash flow, for yourself. In advance. In a flash!


Multi-Department Open-to-Buy Planner

By month. By department. By you! Get multi-department buying plans for minutes.


PROFITS Forecaster with Trend Tracker

"We ARE going to have a profit, right?!"  Now find out for yourself – without having to ask anybody.


SPEEDY Buying Plan Forecaster

SPEEDY online inventory buying plans – auto-magically!


GMROI Growth and Bankability Rater

Is there a cash crunch looming? Or is your retail business positioned for growth?


Key Retail Ratios Calculator

In seconds, generate 7 key ratios for retailers. And then, immediately compare your performance to the benchmarks for your retail segment. 


GMROI Calculator

Project your inventory productivity...before you place the order!


SPEEDY Profit Finder

Are your profits hiding in plain sight? Here's how to discover them.


The Store Rater

See - and rate - your store how shoppers do.

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